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Affiliate Consultant

Stefani Harvey is a community activist and educator who specializes in social justice and equity in education, particularly in addressing disparities for youth of color. As Roxbury native, Stefani has been a leader and a firm believer in the advocacy of positive growth and development in youth for over 15 years. As a

former Dean of Students, Stefani has found that proactive measures are more productive to support student’s social-emotional development than punitive measures. She has promoted Restorative Justice practices as a means to dismantle the school to prison pipeline in several schools. Through professional

development for teachers, school leaders, and community members she has worked tirelessly to implement plans for school communities to bring a unified and collective approach to educating children.


Stefani’s philosophy in educating children spans farther than the educational components which students receive during “school hours”.  Holding positions such as Teacher, Program Director, Director of Family and Community Engagement, Safe and Welcoming Schools Specialist, and Director of Restorative Culture Stefani has been able to connect with the youth through

motivational speaking, youth conferences, and her relentless work and support with LGBTQ self-identified youth. Stefani holds a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, a Masters Degree in Urban Education and Leadership, a K-6 Principal License and a Doctorate degree in Education. Stefani encourages children to BE the change they would like to see in this world.

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