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Affiliate Consultant

Shaïnah is the Family and Community Engagement Coordinator for a charter school in the Boston area. Previously, she was a consultant at Strategy Matters, where she focused on grantwriting and resource development, as well as community engagement work, for which she is able to take the lead in any work requiring Spanish, French, Haitian-Creole or American Sign Language. Prior to joining Strategy Matters, Shaïnah was a high school teacher, and taught courses in English as well as Sociology of Race & Ethnicity. Her passion for helping others drives her work, particularly when working to improve the overall quality of life of the community, both immediately and long-term.    Earlier in her career Shaïnah was a Site Director for Let's Get Ready! a nonprofit organization that helped provide college access to low-income youth and their families. She has also worked as a translator, proofreader, proposal writer, and as a development associate. Shaïnah is a graduate of Boston University.

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