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Katelyn McSweeney

Katelyn joined Strategy Matters in the Spring of 2018, in her final year of social work field work as an Associate Consultant. Katelyn has project leadership experiences through capacity building of mentoring programs and current research. Her interests include community empowerment and raising awareness to close gaps on basic human rights issues through volunteering, advocacy and networking across social services. Katelyn is a Massachusetts native and enjoys hiking, dancing and seeing local artists in Boston.


Katelyn holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State University, from which she double minored in Social Welfare and U.S Ethnic Studies. Currently, she is a Masters in Macro Social Work candidate at Boston University, and is on track to graduate with a dual master’s degree with Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in Spring 2019. Katelyn is currently a Graduate Research Assistant in youth mentoring work, and serves as the MSW representative for the Executive Board for the National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter, among other student representative commitments at BU. Upon graduation, she aspires to continue working as a consultant and utilize her skills to create more programs geared towards young adults through the intersection of education, mentoring, and community engagement.

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